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About the need to float, search and failure. This was not the sea I was waiting for. Here I sink slowly, as if I weigh a light ton.


So much sea, so much rock, so much wood. The lighthouse and is great light. This project it's a handful of nostalgically salty memories. I am basalt, hard and dark, what has become of an explosive volcano is now more than dormant. Cliffs and ravines remain, and the rocks roughened by the erosion of the sea, make my feet bleed. Then the salt left in the body after a dive is felt on the lips and accumulates in the folds of my body and in my eyebrows.

Salt is the solidification of the sea. Liquid is fluctuation, solid is matter - salt is weight and lightness and the sea is the silence of stones. A boat carved with a pocket knife in a splinter of wood or stone allows me to float on you - And let the competition begin! - And among the dark basalt that I am, you hit me like a wave full of your salty blue, and I lost. At that moment I can only hear silence, which is the sound of when we are under water.

1000 km away, in the middle of a big city, a basalt stone looks for a salty sea to surrender to what is not credible - love. Then, the earth will shiver just a little bit.


Pedra Mar, 2018

*Sea Stone*

laser print 84x59 cm

marble, sea water and sea salt 25x58x43 cm

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