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Developed from personal collections, this Herbarium includes original specimens, photographic references and prints developed on engraving techniques. All of these specimens were carefully selected, all of which are or were present in my daily reality and family environments. They are all flowers, the most ephemeral part of a plant, however, the most exotic.

The drawings are engraved in a matrix of guava, loquat, olive and cork oak. The engraving technique was chosen for this project due to its more organic character, creating a proximity between referents and printing, which is mostly manual.

Herbarium has as its definition as a scientific collection of dry plants for study and conservation - it is then an object in constant mutation and growth, an object that never ends and never closes.

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Herbarium I

Natural wood engraving

A4 size book

12 pages



Ever since I was a little girl I have been picking the flowers that seemed pretty to me. I hide them inside a book and then forget about them. It is actually an act of selfishness: to reap the beauty of that plant and keep it just to myself. However, it is a necessary action for those who try to keep a little of the world between two sheets of paper.

One of these days I looked at one of those flowers and started to carefully dismember it. I realized the shape and the importance that each of those petals had separately and that arranged in another order would give another flower. The glass brings the possibility of manipulating the pieces, however it is a material that has the same delicacy and fragility of a flower.


Herbarium II

2mm glass and wood

fusing and graving on glass

11x63x39 cm

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